Walford Highcliff Detached House - Extension

Four Corners Properties were asked for advise from our customer on buying this bungalow style house. We advised our customer of what kind of work woud need to be done and how much it would cost before they put an offer in on the property. Once they felt comfortable with the everything they went ahead with the purchase. 

We secured full planning permission for a single storey extension to the rear of the property and also for a loft conversion over the garage to give this new family home 5 bedrooms. We also installed 3 bathrooms, a new unvented heating system and a luxury kitchen including electrical installations to Part P Regulations.

This new family home is back to life with these great new contemporary features around the house. 

The family kitchen has a relaxed funky retro style with great features, the sockets will be changed in the near future and the annex kitchen is one from the top of the range with granite work tops and porcelain tiles on the floor. Also we fitted the main kitchen flooring with Karndean on a 45% angle which will hold its quality for years to come.

For photos of loft conversion please go to Walkford Loft Conversion


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