Poole Builder

After fininshing another quality job in the local area of Poole near to Coy Pond, our customers where approached by our new prospect customers, they where let down by their so called trusted builders.

The job was started in September 2011, day after day, week after week, month after month, the guys where still waiting for their dream home to be finished. With months of painfullness mess and disorganisation, they crossed the road and asked our customer who we where, as they had noticed we started out on our project much later than theirs with three times more work and finished in a third of the time than their trusted builders. They were extremely let down. They then called and we saw the mess that they were left in.

We had to help bring this project back to reality for them. We were there for about six weeks and totally helped to put their life to hit the fast lane again. We have helped to the completion of their internal works and then they asked us to complete the transformation of the rear and front gardens.


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