Planning House Extension in Bournemouth

This is a fine example where we were asked as House Extensions Bournemouth to build a 2 storey extension in bournemouth as it was a fairly large project for them to control themselves.  When visiting the property in the local area of Bournemouth we could see that the property had massive potential to be transformed from a dull looking property into a striking new home. 

When providing them with a few simple aspects of building conduct to follow theres a few important rules that should be taken into consideration and a fairly straightforward matter in making the entire project a huge success in terms of transforming  a beautiful home whilst adding huge investment value.

All house extensions can add great investment to a property once they have been custom designed and converted to a reasonably high standard throughout.  By that we consider that you use us as designers that employed by you will give you a brief description on how to extend your property with a view to increasing the living space whilst adding maximum value. Too many houses are being extended in a bad fashion without any real thoughts as to whether they are making the property more attractive or un-sellable.

The works we have covered around this home will have many new features & creative ideas that will give our customers a delightful new luxury home to relax & enjoy their time in, the home has taken a total transformation from top to bottom with many structural alterations, also the adding of extra bathrooms.

All these designs were custom made tp suit how the customers wanted to transform their home into the one they had dreamed of. Look through the design and see if it could inspire you.


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