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At Four Corners Properties we have an expert team for planning and designing any building work in and around Bournemouth. We can help with all stages of the work to be carried out from designing the project to getting the important planning permission to get started.

When it comes to any project the design and planning is always the most important part. Before you do any of the work you need a detailed structured plan of what is going to happen so you can see what you are going from and working too. Four Corners Properties can provide you with expert design plans of what your house currently looks like and how it will evolve into a new home with the after plans once we have worked our magic. All our plans are custom made to suit your design specifications and give you a detailed picture of what you want to design. These plans are designed using the latest technology to access design plans and structural work to all the latest building regulations. We have our own dedicated team of experts who do all our plans which helps to save you money by not using external companies.

 Our design plans can help your create the home of your dreams by either showing you possible ways to improve your home or working with your ideas to show you what is possible. We provide the best and most cost effective solutions to help you consider the costs involved in any building work which all starts from the planning and design. We will bring in our design team to work close with you and help your luxury dream home come to reality.

Four Corners Properties have worked on many in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ferndown and surrounding areas over the years, also on our own projects so we know the values of what it means to our customers to deliver a quality job. So why not leave it in the hands of our experienced tradesmen and take the stress away. We can deal with the planning permission to the main construction, offering a wide range of services to deliver you your future project. Our service offers complete packages too leave you at ease while works are carried out.

As a builder in Bournemouth, we offer the service to just build the shell and let you bring in your own trade if you have tradesmen in mind or work on the project yourself if you have the handyman skills. These plans will cover every aspect of the house with fine detail and sizes to help all building calculations meaning when you get prices they will be a lot more exact. This also makes it better to give you a visual demonstration of what the property will look like after the work.

We feel it is very important to meet all of the customer needs no matter what it is. Everything from design to customer service, we are always here to help. Please click the link below and look at our portfolio for previous Planning and Design projects. If you are looking for some great advice on any plans or designs in Bournemouth please get it touch and we would love to help.



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