Luxury Extensions Bournemouth

Here is another project that the Four Corners Team are well underway with. We are running the whole project management of this project, like all other projects we take control and deliver.

This is a follow on through or from a recomendation that we had received, one of many may shall we say!.  We are full steam ahead with a huge amount of soils and rubbles been escavated from the back yard, working through the winter days and the rain clouds.

We do not let anything slow us down, we work complying with all regualtions to keep things running how they should be, and delivering our projects on time if not before stated. To see some of our ideas just go to town and see this project in the centre of Bournemouth, this couple have put full trust in us to create a luxury living space with some of our ideas that willl give a sparkle at the end.

If you would like full advice on future projects on extensions and refurbuishments then please feel free to use our hands and smiling advice.

Many finished photos coming soon


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