Bournemouth Detached House - Extension

House Extension Bournemouth 

Our clients brief description on the phone was they wanted to revamp there internal space and completely remodel their Bournemouth property by adding a rear extension. This project was a real challenge due to the circumstances, but the customer was prepared to take the risk for a successful outcome.

Acting as Architect, we prepared the detailed design and drawings and redesigned all the internal spaces and then submitted the Bournemouth planning application on behalf of our customer.  Working with the Local Bournemouth Authority, a few neighbours objected. We challenged all objections and finally succeeded with planning approval after an amicable confrontation with the objectors during a Committee meeting with the local authority and discussing one cut back,  the council decision was to let us carry the project out under permitted development.

We are now underway with the full project fighting against the weather, we managed the entire build through to the final finishes in 12 weeks and Christmas being in the way. 

In the photos you will see some of the key features that we have created for our customer, low level led lighting system being one of them.  We will always suggest lighting in most projects as this works extremely well and creates excellent features.  Also to create something special with a impressive extended kitchen area with open plan living and one luxury wet-room to be desired.




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